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Ditar, anglisht VIII

Kjo orë model është përgatitur nga mësuesja Odensa Kraja. Është lënda anglisht e klasës së VIII dhe temat për këtë orë janë: “Reading 6a- Greetings from planet Earth” dhe “Vocabulary 6a- Into the space”.

Worked by: ODENSA KRAJA      

Date ___________________


Field: Languages and communication

Subject: English

Level:  IV

Grade: 8th

Estimated time: 90 minutes


1. Reading 6a- Greetings from planet Earth

2. Vocabulary 6a- Into the space

Learning situations: Scientific discoveries/ National identity

Learning outcomes according to the key competences

• Communication and expression competence: 

1. The student describes an event in chronological order

2. The student participates in class discussions

Thinking competence: The student justifies steps towards the completion of a task

Learning to learn competence: The student makes use of effective techniques in order to classify information and  acquire new knowledge

Competence for life, entrepreneurship and the environment: The student prepares a plan for the successful completion of a task 

Interpersonal competence: The student understands  and expresses his/ her ideas about his/ her field of interest

Social and civic competence: The student transmits social values and respects others’ right to hold and express opinions that differ from their own

Learning outcomes related to the topic

The student:

• reads fluently with the proper intonation

• identifies specific information from the text

• listens attentively to a recorded material to extract specific information

• understands the content of a video

• practices new vocabulary in speaking and writing

Key words: planet, space, humans, UFO, NASA, spacecraft, time capsule, science, etc.

Resources and aids:  Student’s book, IWB, laptop, video projector, pictures, notebooks, etc. Connection with other fields or cross curricular subjects: Natural sciences/ ICT

Methodologies, techniques and student’s activities:  Asking and answering/ Co-operative reading & learning (SUMMER technique)/ Communicative language teaching/ Circle of writers/ Pair work

Lesson organization

PPP (Presentation- Practice- Production)


I greet students and introduce them to the topics of today’s lesson. 


In order to focus students’ attention and prepare them for the lesson ahead, I write Extraterrestrial on the board. Students brainstorm for ideas. Students may use the ideas as prompts to initiate a brief discussion or simply share facts and stories related to the topic.


• Pre- reading activity

I draw students’ attention to the title and the picture. I give students time to skim the first and the last paragraph for gist, and then allow them to make predictions on the content of the text.

• While- reading activity

I instruct students on how to proceed with the activity. They will work in pairs. Collaboration and reciprocal teaching is the key to the success of this activity. While reading students work on new words. They learn the meaning of words based on the context, or they may even look up their definition/ translation in the WORD LIST. I monitor the activity and assist students, if needed.

Set the mood: Each student chooses someone to pair with. They make sure each is clear about the procedure to follow.

Understand by reading silently: In pairs, students read the text silently.

Mention key ideas: One member of the pair points out the key ideas. 

Monitor: His/ Her partner refers to the text correcting or adding other key ideas. 

Elaborate: In closed pairs, students discuss about the text and choose the correct answer A, B or C for the questions 1-4 hey (Exercise 2.a). 

Review: Various pairs summarize the text.

• Post- reading activity

I invite students to think about the question in exercise 2.b. After explaining the task, I allow students time to write a few sentences. Various students read their sentences out to the class. 

I explain any new words/ phrases or concepts.


After the 5 min break between the classes, I refer students to the list of new words. I elicit their meaning through definitions. I explain the task student will complete (Exercises 3, 4). I allow them some time to do the exercises. I check students’ answers around the class. 

Then, I explain the other task. I play the recording. Students listen and choose the correct answers. Students report the right answers to the class.


Speaking activity → Students imagine they were to send a time capsule to space containing five things that represent our nation. Students work in small groups and decide which these things may be. Each group presents their choices to the class giving reasons. Groups discuss about each other’s capsules.  

Watching a video → I play the video ‘We are not alone’. Students watch it with subtitles. Students reinforce their understanding about the topic. I check their understanding by asking some questions about it. 

Describing a scene (Circle of writers) → Students imagine they were the first human to make contact with extraterrestrials. I set the scene for the following written task. I write the headings on the board:

- where you were (e.g. at home, in the park, etc.)

- what you were doing (e.g. having lesson, walking, etc.)

- what happened (e.g. an electric discharge, etc.)

- how you felt (e.g. terrified, really scared, etc.).

Students get in pairs or in groups of three. I set the time for the activity. I monitor the activity around the class making sure students know how to carry out the task. Firstly, each member of the group writes on his/ her own. Then, they exchange papers and read what their partner wrote and discuss about it. Finally, each group produces a single piece of writing for the topic. Paragraphs are read to the class.


Formative evaluation ( I provide feedback and assess students based on their performance throughout the lesson)


Workbook – unit 6a  

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